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Holiday cottages ideal for children

Holiday cottage in Sant Joan de les Abadesses rp-446

capacitat  2 - 4  people,  habitacions  2 rooms,  banys  1 bathrooms
lloguer  self-catering,  30€ person/night, aprox.

The cabana is the place where farmers stored fodder in order to keep it dry. El Reixac’s cabana has been turned into an accommodation for 2 adults or a couple with 2 children or a couple that wants more space than that offer in ...  +information

Holiday cottage in Sant Joan de les Abadesses rp-924

capacitat  2 - 3  people,  habitacions  1 rooms,  banys  1 bathrooms
lloguer  self-catering,  27€ person/night, aprox.

The colomar was the place where doves were bred. In most of the country houses the colomar was located in the upper room, under the roof. In El Reixac, it was located over its main gallery and had a small hole as a kind of small window through which the dov ...  +information

Holiday cottage in Sant Joan de les Abadesses rp-147

categoriacapacitat  6 - 7  people,  habitacions  3 rooms,  banys  2 bathrooms
lloguer  self-catering,  26€ person/night, aprox.

Catalan country houses were design to shelter three or four generation families. The title holder was the inheriting owner of the house who shared it with the single brothers and sisters and the mossos, the people in charge of the field work.  ...  +information

Holiday cottage in Sant Joan de les Abadesses rp-687

capacitat  2 - 4  people,  habitacions  2 rooms,  banys  1 bathrooms
lloguer  self-catering,  30€ person/night, aprox.

Country people usually built an outhouse where rabbits and poultry were bred. Our outhouse is nowadays an accommodation with two double bedrooms (one room with a double bed and one room with two individual beds) indicated for 2 adults ...  +information

Holiday cottage in Sant Joan de les Abadesses rp-923

capacitat  6 - 8  people,  habitacions  3 rooms,  banys  2 bathrooms
lloguer  self-catering,  30€ person/night, aprox.

El xalet differs from the rest of El Reixac’s accommodations because of its decoration, which is a bet for a contemporary style. However, we haven’t dismissed El Reixac’s characteristic touch of charm and personality in this room. ...  +information