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Holiday cottages for disabled people

Holiday cottage in L'Espunyola bg-552

star  Guests evaluation 5 sobre 5,  votes 8 
capacitat  12 - 15  people,  habitacions  0 rooms,  banys  0 bathrooms
lloguer  self-catering,  24€ person/night, aprox.

Cottage renovated, maintaining the characteristics of the old farmhouse of the fourteenth century and following the basic criteria of green building . Enjoy the privileged pre-Pyrenean landscape and proximity to the capital of the r ...  +information

Holiday cottage in Olot gr-692

star  Guests evaluation 5 sobre 5,  votes 10 
capacitat  8 - 13  people,  habitacions  5 rooms,  banys  4 bathrooms
lloguer  self-catering,  20€ person/night, aprox.

Farmhouse dating from 1344, perfectly restored. This is one of 2 independent accommodation there on the farm surrounded by forests of beech, oak and chestnut trees. A place less traveled where you can enjoy tranquility.Also, as the owners are engag ...  +information

Holiday cottage in Castellar del Riu bg-ep

capacitat  12 - 15  people,  habitacions  0 rooms,  banys  0 bathrooms
lloguer  self-catering,  0€ person/night, aprox.

...  +information

Holiday cottage in Montclar bg-235

star  Guests evaluation 5 sobre 5,  votes 8 
capacitat  10 - 13  people,  habitacions  0 rooms,  banys  0 bathrooms
lloguer  self-catering,  23€ person/night, aprox.

Restored Cottage in the typical style of the time, located on the outskirts of Montclar in a farming and livestock.The house has 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.Distribution:Ground Floor: Living room, kitchen with outdoor ...  +information

Holiday cottage in Sant Joan les Fonts gr-836

capacitat  2 - 4  people,  habitacions  2 rooms,  banys  2 bathrooms
lloguer  self-catering,  31€ person/night, aprox.

This lodging with current and modern setting placed in the stables where before they were guarding the animals, is one of two lodgings of available in this old house full of captivation, dated in the 13th century. Located in a quiet area near the villa ...  +information

Holiday cottage in Viver i Serrateix bg-924

capacitat  4  people,  habitacions  0 rooms,  banys  0 bathrooms
lloguer  self-catering,  63€ person/night, aprox.

...  +information

Holiday cottage in Montclar bg-164

star  Guests evaluation 5 sobre 5,  votes 5 
capacitat  12 - 14  people,  habitacions  0 rooms,  banys  0 bathrooms
lloguer  self-catering,  23€ person/night, aprox.

Cottage preceding the 1700 cottage, completely restored.* 6 bedrooms and 3 bathroom.Has inside:Ground Floor:With a spacious living room with fireplace, ...  +information

Holiday cottage in La Pobla de Lillet bg-277

capacitat  13 - 16  people,  habitacions  0 rooms,  banys  0 bathrooms
lloguer  self-catering,  24€ person/night, aprox.

Cottage, old stone farmhouse, dating to the environs of the XI-XII, equipped and comfortable, surrounded by a magnificent landscape of forests and pastures.5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (1 adapted for physically disabled people) ...  +information

Holiday cottage in Riudaura gr-391

star  Guests evaluation 5 sobre 5,  votes 16 
capacitat  4  people,  habitacions  2 rooms,  banys  1 bathrooms
lloguer  self-catering,  25€ person/night, aprox.

Spend your holidays in the countryside and discover a different Spain.You will find our houses at only 45 minutes from the coast, surrounded by nature- an island of peace and vegetation.We are located at 10 km from Olot, the main town of t ...  +information

Holiday cottage in Sant Feliu de Pallerols gr-661

star  Guests evaluation 5 sobre 5,  votes 6 
capacitat  15 - 22  people,  habitacions  7 rooms,  banys  7 bathrooms
lloguer  self-catering,  24€ person/night, aprox.

Old manor house dating from the eighteenth century, large size and noble character.A house in the center of town where you can enjoy tranquility in a large natural area of ​​2000 m2.7 bedrooms, 7 bathroomsLow lev ...  +information

Holiday cottage in Mieres gr-228

star  Guests evaluation 5 sobre 5,  votes 110 
capacitat  2 - 15  people,  habitacions  6 rooms,  banys  6 bathrooms
lloguer  B&B,  38 € bed & breakfast, aprox.

This house offers rooms for half board is in the charming little town of Mieres.You will find an elaborate cuisine and light, rooted in the earth. always working with fresh produce and quality.Inside, you will find an attractive combinatio ...  +information

Holiday cottage in Vall de Bianya gr-350

star  Guests evaluation 5 sobre 5,  votes 1 
capacitat  2 - 4  people,  habitacions  2 rooms,  banys  1 bathrooms
lloguer  self-catering,  27€ person/night, aprox.

Mas dating from 1630, situated close to Olot about 5 km.This is one of 2 lodging located in one of the restored cottages that preserves the original stone structure.This is situated on the ground floor with access ramp for the handica ...  +information

Holiday cottage in Les Planes d'Hostoles gr-651

star  Guests evaluation 5 sobre 5,  votes 1 
capacitat  2 - 5  people,  habitacions  2 rooms,  banys  2 bathrooms
lloguer  self-catering,  39€ person/night, aprox.

...  +information

Holiday cottage in Les Planes d'Hostoles gr-605

star  Guests evaluation 5 sobre 5,  votes 3 
capacitat  8 - 12  people,  habitacions  5 rooms,  banys  4 bathrooms
lloguer  self-catering,  34€ person/night, aprox.

...  +information

Holiday cottage in Sagàs bg-824

star  Guests evaluation 5 sobre 5,  votes 1 
capacitat  12 - 15  people,  habitacions  0 rooms,  banys  0 bathrooms
lloguer  self-catering,  30€ person/night, aprox.

Cottage, farmhouse early twentieth century inn with a pleasant and modern style that has prioritized natural light and views that can be enjoyed Merlès Valley from the hill where it is located.The house is adapted for disabilities. ...  +information